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Batu Kecubung Rambut Emas # KC02

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Kode : KC02

Amethyst or Amethyst has a purple base color, and is a mineral stone " Supercomposite " composed than " lamella " like stripes that criss between the right to the left. This structure is caused by mechanical stress in the layers of the earth for millions of years. As a result, amethyst or amethyst hue seemed to have fingerprints ( striped) . In addition, patterns in the stone amethyst also occur because hilangannya water ( H2O) in mineral due to the pressure in a very long time. But there also are not patterned amethyst and crystal clear form. Judging dai hardness, Amethyst or Amethyst has a hardness 7 on the Mohs scale. So the Amethyst or Amethyst is often referred to as the Noble Stone or gem grade II.

But according to the trust to make the stone efficacious, should be though naturally, or not using modern tools, such as grinding or polishing other drugs, they rubbed her his general using bamboo ( black bamboo or bamboo can be used) , and sometimes the maker too fast. Besides Amethyst is also used to increase the strength of inner / spiritual and intuitive person vigilance. Also used to relieve headaches.
Immediately have this Purple Amethyst stone collection, suitable for young and old. In use for a ring, pendant / necklace. With the cheap price but we guarantee authenticity.
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